Special Feature: Fashfest Opening Night

The glitz! The glam! The glamour! It was all on showcase! And not just for the designers, stylists, MUA’s or the models on the runway but Canberra’s fashion public came out in numbers!

Opening night of Canberra’s Fashfest was something special! Designers: Darling Sisters, Percival Luto, Reneira, WND.LND, Stage Label, CIT’S Student Graduate’s and my personal fave, Rockstars and Royalty were all on showcase and they didn’t disappoint! It’s not until you attend Fashfest that you truly appreciate what talent Canberra has to offer. From swimwear to vintage style fashion to elaborate gowns, the audience was mesmerized.

It wasn’t just Fashfest that took centre stage, Canberra’s fashionista’s and fashionisto’s came out to shine, shine, shine! This was the perfect opportunity for people to come out and display their own personal style and network with like-minded people.

Now enough jibber jabber from me, I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Outfit details:

Jacket by Revival

Shirt by H&M

Tie by Saba

Pants by H&M

Braces by H&M

Shoes by Zu

Watch by Tag Heuer

Glasses by Burberry

Photography by Happy Schnapper